Introducing Photoshop Actions to Starters

Let’s face it; enhancing your photo image can be a daunting task at times. As much as you want the best possible look on your photos, you still aren’t satisfied with the results. So you experiment all the more, and most of the time, you still come up short. Your photos are dull, banal, and lifeless.

PRe2With the arrival of Photoshop, however, things are beginning to take shape. Now you find yourself saving enough time enhancing your images while learning new tricks and techniques along the way. Not to mention its free actions for Photoshop elements that your desired look and image will now come to fruition.

You can create and install Photoshop actions on your pc or Mac, so you can choose from a list of actions and elements for you to download.

Installing the Action

There are so many ways to install Photoshop actions on your gadgets, but for starters, you can begin by dragging the downloaded actions into the “Action” folder, found within the “Lightroom 5 Presets” folder (Photoshop application folder). Keep in mind that such actions may need a Photoshop restart for it to appear in the actions menu.

Better still, hit the little arrow on the right part of the actions menu then choose “Load Actions”. This will allow you to explore a variety of actions on your computer, thereby loading them into your Photoshop.

After doing such, you can now download those free options below and start creating superb images with just one click.

Creating an Action

To create an interactive feel of your image, you can start by opening the “Action” palette and then hit the new action button. After doing so, a new window will then open, containing options for the action. You can even place it in a set after naming the action. You can also assign a keyboard shortcut, thus, activating the action in your Photoshop.

After hitting the “Record” in the window above, all you need to do now is carry out the steps for your recorded action. You can select even the size of your images, but you need to be more generic with your steps for a full range of images in relation to your desired action. Hit the “Stop” button after creating those steps, then hit “Play” to perform the action.

Choosing an Action

These free actions for Photoshop elements are now the thing for a more dynamic photo image, and there is a host of free Photoshop actions available online. Depending on the effect you wanted to pursue or the mood you wanted to project, Photoshop actions will do the trick for you.

From Vintage to Portrait to Red Lips and even the Peace and Love action, Photoshop breakthrough will make your image enhancement a little less daunting. There is “action” in your static image; that alone makes your images livelier than it once was.