Infinite Tutorials of Info Parrot

LR11 - CopyAs a software design specialist, Info Parrot offers a variety of tutorials for its Lightroom module.

They share a resource of tools away from the conventional software applications and uses Lightroom as an alternative to designing and presenting specific programs and pictures online.

They cover the whole nine yards of image enhancement from editing portraits to adjusting filters to intensify the resolutions of such image.

There are over 50 tutorials available in a Lightroom module. The massive list could literally fill an entire hard drive even for a single image in a program.

These tutorials are easy to use, too. As in the case of its Print Module. You could design the page by simply dragging and dropping pictures onto the print template, which is quite convenient for first time users.

Info Parrot also offers border behaviors to such pictures through Lightroom. This is a special piece of tutorial that aren’t accessible to other software programs. If you happen to set an inner stroke with it, for example, it may reduce the size of one’s image in a picture, but not until you have chosen its color.

Another layer of Lightroom prowess is its ability to make pictures with a dramatic look, like looking into a film. This process is called Cynotype Portraits.

In this tutorial, you could present a modern picture into a traditional one, just so to create a more dramatized presentation of your portrait.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets from Sleeklens on Mac and PC:

Every picture concern, every portrait enhancement you might to think of, Lightroom has its own tutorial for you to learn from. For more information, check Info Parrot’s massive list of tutorials for Lightroom.

Some of the tutorials offered through Lightroom programs are as follows:

  1. Tilt Shift Effect in Lightroom
  1. How to Create a Panorama Using Lightroom and Photoshop
  1. High Speed B& W Effect in Lightroom
  1. How to add Sun Flare Using Lightroom
  1. How to Create Vintage Look
  1. Food Photography Retouchment
  1. Creating a Newspaper Effect
  1. Sunset Editing
  1. Creating Perspective Using Lightroom
  1. Night Photography Retouch Tips