How To Make Your Subject Pose Right

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The art of photography is difficult to master. It involves a lot of practice, research, and studying if you truly want to be a well renowned photographer. First, you have to know the basics or fundamentals of photography. Next, you have to choose and buy your gear. Getting the right camera for your needs is already a huge undertaking alone. Once you have the proper equipment, you then have to practice and master your skills and technique. It isn’t all about the gear you know. Photography is a mixture of theory, application and technique.


So, if you’ve started doing photoshoots and are taking photos of people, you have to get the most out of it. You have to learn how to make your subjects pose properly to get the best angles and shots. Here’s what you need to remind your subjects/models when you are shooting them.

  1. Make sure to let them breathe. Models aren’t supposed to hold their breath when posing. This is a common misconception. When the subject holds their breath, it produces an unnatural reaction especially when smiling. Make sure to remind them to inhale and exhale naturally so that their facial expressions will also register as natural.
  2. Listen to your instinct and don’t let a subject or model dictate which side you shoot. Always go for the more expressive side of the subject, be it left or right.
  3. Control your subject’s leaning. Leaning in general, makes everything look bigger, be it the cleavage or any other party of a person’s body. But, it is not necessarily always the best thing. Encourage them to lean back a little just to make it more natural.

There you have it! Just keep these things in mind when doing photoshoots. If you want other tips and resources like this, you can visit Cameradojo. This website provides a lot of very useful articles for photographers. Cameradojo is a site made by a photographer for photographers.