Justified was showcased in the January 2013 LOVE PRINT Issue of Computer Arts Magazine ’Leading creatives reveal how they designed and launched their own inspiring magazines.’

‘ Very often these showcase magazines can seem somehow exploitative, filling their pages with the work of others without really doing much to add to or contextualise it. But Justified has a lovely understated inventiveness that manages to add to the overall value of the work while simultaneously getting out of the way. I love the way they use the blue frame around and on top of pictures, and a quick visit to the site shows the frame is central to what they do there as well. A simple device that works well in print and on the blog?’ – Steve Watson Stack Magazines

‘ We’ve seen our fare share of art blogs, but UK-based Justified has its own unique twist. While the  magazine contains professional work, Justified has distinguished itself from other online art sources by using work submitted by current and newly-graduated student designers, artists, and architects. Following their success so far, Justified will be publishing the first paper extension from their blog.’ – Sazan Pazori Complex Magazine

‘ The most impressive blog turned magazine I’ve seen recently is Justified, a magazine dedicated to showcasing the work of photographers, designers, architects and artists. I often find these showcase magazines a bit exploitative, but Justified is a wonderful package that subtly brings its own personality while allowing the work to take the limelight.’ – The Mother of London The independent magazine Issue

‘ Justified is put together incredibly well, from the content to layout and it’s overall art direction. Issue 1 features some nice insights from people within the design trade as well as recent graduates, there’s some nice work from Sam Hiscox featured as well. To break things up these features are intersected with designs that users have submitted onto their blog all of which are curated by the Justified team this works really well and the quality of work featured is just great.’ – Kyle Coble Enclave

‘ Justified has a boldness about it that makes it stronger than other student publications out there- it doesn’t carry that feeling like you’re somehow doing students a favor by buying it. Instead it’s something that you really want to own and thats certainly a very powerful quality to carry. Plus it has a lovely wedge of cheese on the front.’ – Callum Best Best Blog

‘I liked how all these disciplines blend in the pages of Justified and it’s also really nice to see some words from the featured artists, talking about their work, as well as some industry insight and advice to recent design graduates from Mat Dolphin Studio’  – Igor Termenón