My first impression of Adobe Lightroom

I used to be a faithful Photoshop user. I used it for all sorts of things, from helping me design websites to helping touch up some images I wanted to edit. Then came Lightroom. I have not looked back since. Lightroom brought me over to its side because of a few things and I will be looking at as my first impression of using Lightroom.

Better organization


One of the most important things to my workflow is organization. This is because I am doing a million things at once and even if one of them is out of line, I end up getting lost inside my own computer. The ability to group photographs in catalogs as well as tag them using keywords is one of the reasons why I love Lightroom. Now I find photographs a lot faster and I am therefore able to work a lot better and stay a lot more organized.

Facial recognition

I work the wedding and portraits sides of photography a lot. This means that I previously had to sift through my best cheap action camera photographs manually to store them, group them or edit them. With Lightroom, I just have to use the facial recognition feature and I can find all the photos I took of Auntie Betty during that one birthday party. Using this feature together with the keywording and catalogue features will help you improve your Lightroom workflow in a big way.

One click edits of multiple photographs

One of the things that irk me the most about Adobe Photoshop is the fact that you can only edit one photograph at a time. Lightroom lets me edit multiple images at once and be able to apply all the changes I make to one to all others in a few clicks of a mouse. If I love the effects and edits I make, then I can store them as Lightroom presets for future use. This is pretty handy for some one who works with hundreds of photographs in one sitting.

Non-destructive Edits

Lightroom Photoshop - CopyWe all make mistake. I make them probably more than most people because I am always trying to work with lots of different things at the same time. The ability to undo all the changes I make to any RAW image is God-sent to me. Now I can mess around as much as I want and still have the ability to undo all of these changes in just one click of the mouse and without affecting the original images. I love this feature probably the most!