How To Make Your Subject Pose Right

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The art of photography is difficult to master. It involves a lot of practice, research, and studying if you truly want to be a well renowned photographer. First, you have to know the basics or fundamentals of photography. Next, you have to choose and buy your gear. Getting the right camera for your needs is already a huge undertaking alone. Once you have the proper equipment, you then have to practice and master your skills and technique. It isn’t all about the gear you know. Photography is a mixture of theory, application and technique.


So, if you’ve started doing photoshoots and are taking photos of people, you have to get the most out of it. You have to learn how to make your subjects pose properly to get the best angles and shots. Here’s what you need to remind your subjects/models when you are shooting them.

  1. Make sure to let them breathe. Models aren’t supposed to hold their breath when posing. This is a common misconception. When the subject holds their breath, it produces an unnatural reaction especially when smiling. Make sure to remind them to inhale and exhale naturally so that their facial expressions will also register as natural.
  2. Listen to your instinct and don’t let a subject or model dictate which side you shoot. Always go for the more expressive side of the subject, be it left or right.
  3. Control your subject’s leaning. Leaning in general, makes everything look bigger, be it the cleavage or any other party of a person’s body. But, it is not necessarily always the best thing. Encourage them to lean back a little just to make it more natural.

There you have it! Just keep these things in mind when doing photoshoots. If you want other tips and resources like this, you can visit Cameradojo. This website provides a lot of very useful articles for photographers. Cameradojo is a site made by a photographer for photographers.

Reading and Loving these Product Reviews

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Photographers should dig reading; too, that is, reading product reviews. It might be my opinion, though, but those photographers who have the habit of reading product reviews are the ones who always churn out beautiful, if not quality, photos.


I’m no expert photographer yet, but I love reading product reviews because I gain so much in so short a time. Reading these product reviews is fun and informative. You get to see and feel a glimpse of what these reviewers are into, something that would pay dividends for your own brand or type of photography.

I love reading product reviews also simply because these are the kinds of reading if you are after the latest gadgets in photography. It matters that I use these latest tools because they are the ones capable of creating these effects that I have in mind. If I rely with those old tools, though, I won’t get far.

So I am encouraging other photographers as well to read these reviews on a daily basis, learning to love these pieces as part of their development as an artist in photography. I love reading product reviews because it allows me to use the right solution or material for that matter when it comes to enhancement.

From formal reviews to the casual ones, all the types of reviews that you need as part of your editing; you can have it with these reviews any time. That’s the reason why I love reading product reviews; you improve not just a photographer but an artist capable of producing images that never fails to give a smile on your viewers’ faces.

Looking Great with HDR Lightroom Presets

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  • Creating vivid scenes that perk up the imagination through Lightroom presets

If you’re looking to enhance your images with that high dynamic range element, then you better start using these Lightroom presets from now on.


There’s a lot of HDR Lightroom presets online. In fact, this is one app that many professionals are using because it allows them to produce photos that perk up the imagination of their viewers, what with the detailed enhancements it can give to their photos.

HDR Lightroom presets have all the features for a much improved photo image. You will see the roughness of a rock, the clear, clean waters of a mountain river, and even the edges of a lone cactus in the middle of a desert. These are vivid scenes that you can have the moment you use these HDR Lightroom presets.

Lightroom is definitely the tool to use for your photography. With  more than 500 presets to choose from, it would be impossible not to create that desired effect out of combining these presets for your photos.

So if you’re starting a career in photography, and using these HDR Lightroom presets, unsuspecting viewers would consider you as an expert in the field. Not that you are fooling them, but that you are capable of creating quality images like a professional. What an advantage it would be if you have these HDR Lightroom presets with you.

Using the right tools or app matters in the photography world. You can go far and wide if you have the appropriate tools with you, editing and enhancing images that worthy of publication, online or on glossy magazines.

Be the kind of photographer you’ve always wanted with some of these HDR Lightroom presets.

Where to Find the Best Product Reviews For Action Cameras

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  • What are the common brands of action cameras
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Action based homemade videos have become quite the spectacle today. You can see it everyday in your newsfeed in Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram. Be it your neighbor posting his bungee jumping adventure or your cousin surfing the waves in Malibu, you can never resist the temptation of clicking the play button and watching it. This is the power of social media. It leaves you wanting for more, if not, it inspires you to go do one yourself. And with that train of thought, you start thinking, “Should I get an action camera?”


Well, here’s where we can help. If you’ve answered yes to the question above, then your next question should be “what camera should I get?” The answer is it all depends on what you want and what you can afford. There are practically a lot of choices in the market today but one name stands out. And that my friend is GoPro. GoPro is the industry leader for action cameras. If you think of action cameras, you automatically think, GoPro! But, the negative side is that a GoPro is a little pricey and you might be thinking, “I don’t have $500 to spare just to take some videos.” Then you have to start looking at other options. Other prominent brands are Garmin, Sony, Polaroid, TomTom and HTC.

Now that you are familiar with the brands, the next step is to do your due diligence and research about which ones to get. John’s site is a very useful tool that I highly recommend. It is a website dedicated to doing product reviews of almost all the action cameras out in the market today. John’s site even has a section allocated for product reviews according to your budget. It is really a very informative website and I suggest you take a look at it if you are in the market for a new action camera.

Workflow for Your Wedding Pics

  • Workflow for Lightroom that is perfect for your wedding photos
  • Photo editing that suits your style and preference
  • A collection of wedding workflow you can download any time online

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most significant events in your life. The preparation should be intense, complete with all the materials and tools for it to be more special. And part of the preparation, of course, is its documentation through photos, and using Lightroom as its enhancing tool.


Lightroom offers the best possible enhancement you can get with your photos. It has user-friendly tools that even beginners can use it with ease. And the idea also of enhancing your photos in a variety of ways, through its workflow, makes Lightroom the ultimate choice when it comes to photo editing.

This wedding workflow Lightroom suits your need of churning out quality wedding photos. It has features whereby you can edit and enhance your wedding pics based on your style and preference, so that you can present them in a more personal way.

And this wedding workflow Lightroom also is quite accessible online, free photo editing solutions you can get on the web on a daily basis. Quite convenient for those photographers who are on the go.

If you haven’t used Lightroom for your pics, now is the time to use them for your wedding photos. And you can start by digging into this wedding workflow Lightroom right now. You can edit use its brushes for those intricate enhancements. Such is the flexibility of this workflow for the improvement of your wedding pics.

Download this wedding workflow Lightroom today and start making improvements to your wedding photos through it. You have nothing to lose really, you only gain so much out of its interactive tools.

Make your wedding day more colorful and memorable through this wedding workflow Lightroom.

Bringing “Color” to Your Photos with Black & White Presets

  • Black and white presets that bring more meaning to your photo
  • Recreating that old, classic, black and white pictures with Lightroom presets
  • Highlighting peculiar features on your photo subject through black and white presets

Make no mistake about it, photos in black and white bring more color to your images. You might not notice it, but there are a number of black and white photos that are being used in magazines for emphasis and effect.


That’s the reason why Lightroom uses black and white presets for your photos. Lightroom sees the effect it can do to viewers, which is more effective than using a lot of colors on it. These Lightroom presets black and white delivers so much with so little color to give.

Less is more, so they say. And that effect is quite evident when you use these Lightroom presets black and white on your photo. Bring back those cool photos of old, the likes you see with Marilyn Monroe or James Dean on it. That retro feel you can only get by using that black and white mode on your photos.

Download these Lightroom presets black and white now and experiment with it with your photos. It has tools whereby you can deepen or diffuse some of the aspects of your photo image through that skillful use of black and white.

Everything is quite possible with these Lightroom presets black and white despite the limitations of using these two neutral colors, but it has the power to convey specific emotions that are hard to recreate in a photo with colors on it.

There is that depth that you cannot find with colored pictures. That space between its black and white adds character to your photo image. There’s tone even in that you can highlight peculiar features on your subject that you don’t usually notice when it is with a colored one. That is the feature that Lightroom presets black and white can do to your photos.

Enough of those perceptions that these kinds of photos do not bring that added edge to your images. On the contrary, there’s more of a black and white photo than a colored one. It’s more controlled, more in touch with the subject, and more meaning to it.

How to Easily Convert Black and White Presets

Adobe Lightroom makes the process of black and white conversion easy. However, you need to be skillful in manipulating colors since the entire conversion process is not just about decreasing and removing colors on the image.


In this article, we will give you five essential tips on how to convert black and white lightroom presets the easy way. You need to consider these tips to have a good outcome later on.

Choose an appropriate image

Before anything else, you need to be careful in choosing an image to convert. You should look for an image with strong textures, colors and tone adjustments. Again, black and white conversions is not about decreasing the tones to zero. You need to balance everything to make it more elegant and classy.

Explore Lightroom adjustment sliders

Creating black and white lightroom presets is easy yet challenging. Before converting, make sure to explore the adjustments, have a trial and error to a sample image and master the entire process.

Apply a vignette tone

Black and white lightroom presets are modifiable and reusable. If you think that it needs vignette application, you can use the post-crop vignette tool in Adobe Lightroom. It has the capacity to make black and white images more attractive.

Using the split tone tool

If you’re not still satisfied with your black and white Lightroom presets, you can apply split toning effects via the “split toning panel” in Lightroom. You can either adjust the hue, contrast and highlights of the image or balance the shadows, saturation to control the whole color of the image.

Preview image using “smart preview”

Once you’re done with the whole black and white conversion process, make sure to preview the image using smart preview to know if the image is well-edited or if it needs more adjustments. After double checking the file, you can now safely save and export  the image.

Introducing Photoshop Actions to Starters

Let’s face it; enhancing your photo image can be a daunting task at times. As much as you want the best possible look on your photos, you still aren’t satisfied with the results. So you experiment all the more, and most of the time, you still come up short. Your photos are dull, banal, and lifeless.

PRe2With the arrival of Photoshop, however, things are beginning to take shape. Now you find yourself saving enough time enhancing your images while learning new tricks and techniques along the way. Not to mention its free actions for Photoshop elements that your desired look and image will now come to fruition.

You can create and install Photoshop actions on your pc or Mac, so you can choose from a list of actions and elements for you to download.

Installing the Action

There are so many ways to install Photoshop actions on your gadgets, but for starters, you can begin by dragging the downloaded actions into the “Action” folder, found within the “Lightroom 5 Presets” folder (Photoshop application folder). Keep in mind that such actions may need a Photoshop restart for it to appear in the actions menu.

Better still, hit the little arrow on the right part of the actions menu then choose “Load Actions”. This will allow you to explore a variety of actions on your computer, thereby loading them into your Photoshop.

After doing such, you can now download those free options below and start creating superb images with just one click.

Creating an Action

To create an interactive feel of your image, you can start by opening the “Action” palette and then hit the new action button. After doing so, a new window will then open, containing options for the action. You can even place it in a set after naming the action. You can also assign a keyboard shortcut, thus, activating the action in your Photoshop.

After hitting the “Record” in the window above, all you need to do now is carry out the steps for your recorded action. You can select even the size of your images, but you need to be more generic with your steps for a full range of images in relation to your desired action. Hit the “Stop” button after creating those steps, then hit “Play” to perform the action.

Choosing an Action

These free actions for Photoshop elements are now the thing for a more dynamic photo image, and there is a host of free Photoshop actions available online. Depending on the effect you wanted to pursue or the mood you wanted to project, Photoshop actions will do the trick for you.

From Vintage to Portrait to Red Lips and even the Peace and Love action, Photoshop breakthrough will make your image enhancement a little less daunting. There is “action” in your static image; that alone makes your images livelier than it once was.



Your Social Media Image through Photoshop Actions

There has been an explosion of photos posted online since the arrival of social media.  Every day you get to see thousands of them competing against each other, trying to catch the attention of the reader or viewer, photos in high definition, digitally enhanced images.

image22Photoshop is making things easy for you. You don’t have to sulk anymore trying to find the right angle, the right texture every time you have your photos, with Photoshop actions, your image on social media will have the makeover that you’ve always dreamed of.

But what are Photoshop actions, anyway? It is a photo app that has a series of steps that can be reapplied any time, allowing you to recreate effects without repeating it. Photoshop actions are so convenient because it saves you time while improving your photo images in ways only professionals are capable of doing.

You can download these Photoshop actions online, including its cool brushes, for detailed effect. You can choose from a large list of Photoshop actions on the web, complete with specific features for your photo needs.

Seeking the help of a photographer is already old-fashioned. You can always do it with Photoshop actions. It is an app suitable for your lifestyle and even for your taste because it has the tools that cater to every possible mood and style you have. It makes you look good on your social media account.

User’s Guide In Using Adobe Lightroom Presets

Professional portrait photographers often look for something new, unique and creative subject to use and apply to their images. There are a lot of methods on how to apply and modify these unique settings in Adobe Photoshop. However, the program is said to be very time consuming. That’s the reason why they shifted to Lightroom, a program created by Adobe. The new program is faster and reliable than Photoshop, thus helps photographers save time and effort in modifying hundreds of images.

LR13Where to buy Lightroom?

Adobe Lightroom users can either purchase the software or subscribe to Adobe’s creative cloud plan. The program contains default Lightroom presets or filtered images that can be applied to one or more images at once. In addition, users can create and download presets online.

Basically, once portrait photographers are ready to take their images to the next level, they use Adobe Lightroom to modify and produce high-quality images.

Personal Opinion

Essentially, I often use Adobe Lightroom to most of my images. Although I’m still an amateur photographer, I make sure that my images are good to look at. One of the things I like about the program is that it can compare the before and after images. I can automatically spot the changes I made and other modifiable area in the image.

How can I download the best Lightroom presets online?

If you’re still an amateur photographer or a hobbyist and you have no time to create wonderful presets, you can always download preset packages online. There are about hundreds and even thousands of presets downloaded online every day, it is up to you on what presets to choose. Make sure to be mindful on downloading free presets as some are often called junky or unworthy presets. For more high-quality presets, you can check Sleeklens free presets online.

Proper Lighting In Photography

Why do photographers use extra lighting accessories?

Most photographers use extra lights during photo shoots since they are not capable of controlling natural light. They need more lighting to emphasize their subject. Depending on natural is good during the day. However, some photographers prefer night photography shots which require more extra lightings.

photography2There are a lot of artificial light sources available in the market today. Photographers usually prefer using strobe lights and those battery operated flashlights. Depending on the situation and theme, photographers may ask their assistants to place the light closer to the subject or farther.

Here are the two advantages of using lights appropriately:

Producing collections of images with a steady and outstanding look

Using multiple lights during the shoot will help photographers produce a constant and reliable picture. The subject is more emphasized, which will help viewers identify the theme and the story behind the image.

Essentially, photographers are knowledgeable in using lights. They know how and when to use strobe lights. They just don’t ask their assistant to place it somewhere else. They know where to locate the light is appropriate to the subject. Even professional photographers take the time to practice and master the art of using artificial lights for their shooting event.

Managing the length of exposure

Another great advantage of using lighting in photography is that it helps photographers manage the length of exposure needed in the subject. Basically, it’s not about the light alone, it’s all about controlling both the light and the camera’s level of exposure.

Some professional photographers use other exciting effect to combine with the lights to achieve more wonderful outcome. If you are still new to photography, now is the right time to read more articles about photography lighting to understand the whole concept of photography.

Benefits of Using Adobe Lightroom 6

Adobe has long been known to be the best post-processing tool developer in the market. They have been releasing a series of programs and softwares over the years such as Adobe Photoshop, Bridge, Elements and Lightroom and most of it made it to the top. There’s no doubt why users tend to trust and use the products of Adobe; they know that the company will always provide a great and high-quality softwares.

aug6Before anything else, let’s try to understand the program first, so that readers, especially Lightroom beginners can have a brief idea on what to expect. Adobe Lightroom is a program released by Adobe System that is capable in organizing and modifying hundreds and thousands of images in just a few clicks. Moreover, it is an effective tool that can help photographers with their workload.

Among all the softwares created and developed by Adobe, Lightroom is considered to be the most effective and efficient software since it was formed to help photographers at all levels to save time and effort in modifying tons of images. Since its first release, Adobe Lightroom has been consistent in providing a user-friendly interface to its users.

What are the benefits of using Lightroom 6?

Basically, Lightroom 6 is far better than the previous upgrades. It is more capable in creating high-quality Lightroom presets. In addition, Lightroom 6 can now share images online thru its Lightroom web and mobile version. More importantly, Lightroom continues to help photographers save time in modifying their images.

For more wonderful bundles of Lightroom 6 presets, check the website of creative market.  There’s no doubt that these set of bundles will help you in making your photos look good and professional. Also, make sure to check more Lightroom 6 tutorials and tips online to help you in using the program.


Infinite Tutorials of Info Parrot

LR11 - CopyAs a software design specialist, Info Parrot offers a variety of tutorials for its Lightroom module.

They share a resource of tools away from the conventional software applications and uses Lightroom as an alternative to designing and presenting specific programs and pictures online.

They cover the whole nine yards of image enhancement from editing portraits to adjusting filters to intensify the resolutions of such image.

There are over 50 tutorials available in a Lightroom module. The massive list could literally fill an entire hard drive even for a single image in a program.

These tutorials are easy to use, too. As in the case of its Print Module. You could design the page by simply dragging and dropping pictures onto the print template, which is quite convenient for first time users.

Info Parrot also offers border behaviors to such pictures through Lightroom. This is a special piece of tutorial that aren’t accessible to other software programs. If you happen to set an inner stroke with it, for example, it may reduce the size of one’s image in a picture, but not until you have chosen its color.

Another layer of Lightroom prowess is its ability to make pictures with a dramatic look, like looking into a film. This process is called Cynotype Portraits.

In this tutorial, you could present a modern picture into a traditional one, just so to create a more dramatized presentation of your portrait.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets from Sleeklens on Mac and PC:

Every picture concern, every portrait enhancement you might to think of, Lightroom has its own tutorial for you to learn from. For more information, check Info Parrot’s massive list of tutorials for Lightroom.

Some of the tutorials offered through Lightroom programs are as follows:

  1. Tilt Shift Effect in Lightroom
  1. How to Create a Panorama Using Lightroom and Photoshop
  1. High Speed B& W Effect in Lightroom
  1. How to add Sun Flare Using Lightroom
  1. How to Create Vintage Look
  1. Food Photography Retouchment
  1. Creating a Newspaper Effect
  1. Sunset Editing
  1. Creating Perspective Using Lightroom
  1. Night Photography Retouch Tips

My first impression of Adobe Lightroom

I used to be a faithful Photoshop user. I used it for all sorts of things, from helping me design websites to helping touch up some images I wanted to edit. Then came Lightroom. I have not looked back since. Lightroom brought me over to its side because of a few things and I will be looking at as my first impression of using Lightroom.

Better organization


One of the most important things to my workflow is organization. This is because I am doing a million things at once and even if one of them is out of line, I end up getting lost inside my own computer. The ability to group photographs in catalogs as well as tag them using keywords is one of the reasons why I love Lightroom. Now I find photographs a lot faster and I am therefore able to work a lot better and stay a lot more organized.

Facial recognition

I work the wedding and portraits sides of photography a lot. This means that I previously had to sift through my best cheap action camera photographs manually to store them, group them or edit them. With Lightroom, I just have to use the facial recognition feature and I can find all the photos I took of Auntie Betty during that one birthday party. Using this feature together with the keywording and catalogue features will help you improve your Lightroom workflow in a big way.

One click edits of multiple photographs

One of the things that irk me the most about Adobe Photoshop is the fact that you can only edit one photograph at a time. Lightroom lets me edit multiple images at once and be able to apply all the changes I make to one to all others in a few clicks of a mouse. If I love the effects and edits I make, then I can store them as Lightroom presets for future use. This is pretty handy for some one who works with hundreds of photographs in one sitting.

Non-destructive Edits

Lightroom Photoshop - CopyWe all make mistake. I make them probably more than most people because I am always trying to work with lots of different things at the same time. The ability to undo all the changes I make to any RAW image is God-sent to me. Now I can mess around as much as I want and still have the ability to undo all of these changes in just one click of the mouse and without affecting the original images. I love this feature probably the most!

Difference Between Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Action

The most common questions asked among Adobe users is that they want to know the real difference between Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop action. They also want to know what the two programs can offer. That’s why in this article, we want to help you understand everything by giving brief answers about their differences.

Lightroom Photoshop - CopyLet’s talk about Lightroom first. Basically, Adobe Lightroom is one of the most famous software in the market today. It has a lot of features and services that helps users simplify their editing workload. Lightroom has the ability to organize images in one collection, create customized Lightroom presets, metadata, keywording and more. Photographers need not to edit images manually as they can use the presets to their images at once.

On the other hand, Adobe Photoshop action is still one of the best photo editing tools ever created. However, Photoshop requires time and effort in editing one image. Photographers need to spend longer hours in one image before it gets done. Photoshop is a good choice if you are not in a hurry or if you are not dealing with customer’s deadlines.

If you ask me on about what I prefer to use, I would definitely use Lightroom as it will help me a lot in my profession as an amateur photographer. As much as I want to edit photos in Photoshop, I don’t have enough time to modify hundreds of images manually. What I like more about Lightroom is that it allows me to organize my images in one folder so that if I need to use it again, I can locate it immediately. As for Photoshop actions, I still consider it as a helpful tool since there are still some features that only Photoshop can deliver.


Lightroom can make life easier than Photoshop. But always keep in mind that you can always use both depending on the features you need. This article is only a guide to make you understand the difference between the two of the top editing tools.