Bringing “Color” to Your Photos with Black & White Presets

  • Black and white presets that bring more meaning to your photo
  • Recreating that old, classic, black and white pictures with Lightroom presets
  • Highlighting peculiar features on your photo subject through black and white presets

Make no mistake about it, photos in black and white bring more color to your images. You might not notice it, but there are a number of black and white photos that are being used in magazines for emphasis and effect.


That’s the reason why Lightroom uses black and white presets for your photos. Lightroom sees the effect it can do to viewers, which is more effective than using a lot of colors on it. These Lightroom presets black and white delivers so much with so little color to give.

Less is more, so they say. And that effect is quite evident when you use these Lightroom presets black and white on your photo. Bring back those cool photos of old, the likes you see with Marilyn Monroe or James Dean on it. That retro feel you can only get by using that black and white mode on your photos.

Download these Lightroom presets black and white now and experiment with it with your photos. It has tools whereby you can deepen or diffuse some of the aspects of your photo image through that skillful use of black and white.

Everything is quite possible with these Lightroom presets black and white despite the limitations of using these two neutral colors, but it has the power to convey specific emotions that are hard to recreate in a photo with colors on it.

There is that depth that you cannot find with colored pictures. That space between its black and white adds character to your photo image. There’s tone even in that you can highlight peculiar features on your subject that you don’t usually notice when it is with a colored one. That is the feature that Lightroom presets black and white can do to your photos.

Enough of those perceptions that these kinds of photos do not bring that added edge to your images. On the contrary, there’s more of a black and white photo than a colored one. It’s more controlled, more in touch with the subject, and more meaning to it.